• Tom Baker | Modular Assembly Team Leader

    I joined 365 Resourcing back in August 2017 and from the first interview I had with Barry, I knew then I wanted to be a part of this company. It never felt like working for an agency, as you are treated the exact same as everyone else and you have nothing to worry about job security wise.

    Communication was always on point and I’ve always personally had a very good relationship with the team. The current team in particular, are very helpful, hard-working and will always go out of their way to help.

    Payroll in particular can be a problematic area, but I can honestly say I’ve never had an issue with any payment. Thoroughly monitored and organised, especially around the bank holidays!

    I never hesitate to go out of my way to pop up and say hello to the 365 team, as they are a great team to be involved with. If you ever have an issue or require any support, they are always on hand to help. It’s a pleasure to know the team and I continue to look forward to working with them for the foreseeable future.

  • Oliver De Torre | Laser and Brake Press Supervisor

    I have had the pleasure of working with 365 Resourcing for some time now and I must say, they have exceeded my expectations in every aspect. From their impeccable service to their proactive communication and robust payroll services, they have truly set a high standard in the industry.

    Firstly, the service I have received from 365 Resourcing has been outstanding. They are always prompt in addressing any queries or concerns I have, and their attention to detail ensures that everything runs smoothly. Their professionalism and dedication to their clients’ needs are truly commendable.

    Communication is key in any business relationship, and 365 Resourcing understands this perfectly. Their communication channels are always open, and they keep me informed every step of the way. Whether it’s updates on policies, changes in procedures, or general information, they are always on top of it, ensuring a seamless experience.

    Their payroll services are also top-notch. I have never encountered any issues with staffs pay that can’t be resolved, everything is handled efficiently and accurately. This reliability gives me peace of mind knowing that the financial matters of my staff are in good hands.

    Speaking of changes in policy, 365 Resourcing handles these transitions seamlessly. They keep us informed well in advance, provide clear explanations, and ensure that we are compliant with all regulations. This proactive approach is highly appreciated as it minimizes any disruptions in our workflow.

    Whenever I have faced challenges or encountered problems, 365 Resourcing has been quick to respond and resolve them promptly. Their support team is knowledgeable and resourceful, making sure that issues are addressed in a timely manner, which is crucial for maintaining productivity.

    The induction and interview process facilitated by 365 Resourcing have been smooth and well-organized. They ensure that candidates are thoroughly briefed and prepared, making the recruitment process efficient and effective.

    Lastly, their HR support and advice have been invaluable. From guidance on employment laws to handling sensitive HR matters, they provide comprehensive support that helps us navigate complex HR issues with confidence.

    In conclusion, I can wholeheartedly recommend 365 Resourcing for their exceptional service, effective communication, reliable payroll services, proactive approach to policy changes, prompt problem resolution, well-organized induction/interview process, and comprehensive HR support and advice. They have truly been a valuable partner in our business journey.

  • Monika Tyczynska | Electrical Sub Assembly

    I started my employment with 365 Resourcing in April 2022. From the very first day at Mazak, the staff made me feel like a valued member of the team. The communication with 365 is great, they are always happy to help, make employees feel comfortable with getting in touch with and also keeps everyone updated with everything thanks to regular emails.

    Other than good communication and great teamwork, one of the things I like about working here is that a “typical day” is never typical, there’s always something challenging happening and every day is a learning opportunity.

    After two years of working together, I look forward to continuing my journey with 365 Resourcing and I’m happy to recommend them to anyone.

  • Lisa Clifford | Spares Administrator

    The service I have received from 365 Resourcing from the start of my journey with them has been friendly, professional and approachable. Nothing is ever too much trouble. Communication of any changes in policy is by means of email. A regular newsletter is also sent out to keep staff updated of any changes. If there is ever a problem you can either phone, email or pop into their office to see them.

    The e-payslip system is a good way of being able to check your pay.  If there are any problems with your pay (which is very rare), it is dealt with efficiently and as a priority.

    The induction and interview process were excellent. Julian was very good at answering any questions or concerns I had and immediately put me at ease.

    The HR Department are always approachable and friendly and if you need any advice, they will always help you.

    Thank you 365 Resourcing for all that you do.

  • Kate Jenkins | Director/Owner at Gower Cottage Brownies

    We turned to 365 when we had particularly difficult HR issues, we can honestly say we would never have been able to cope without them. They took us through every step of the way and their support and advice was invaluable. 365 have also updated our Policies as well as dealt with our Recruitment needs. It truly is a one stop shop for everything HR and we cannot recommend them highly enough.

    365 are the ultimate professionals in their field and have proved to us they are now an essential resource to any SME with their huge array of skills and knowledge along with their fast & friendly approach to all of our queries.

  • Steve Lane | Assembly Supervisor

    Having been a little reluctant to start a new job with an agency, my concerns were soon allayed.
    From day one you are made to feel part of the Company.

    From the interview (where Barry prepares you and calms your nerves before introducing you to the Mazak staff) to the job offer and comprehensive induction to the Company, the communication is clear, friendly and any phone calls or emails to 365 with any queries were answered promptly.

    The wages are paid accurately and always on time and any wage queries that do arise are dealt with as priority.

    As an agency member of staff, you would think the opportunities for promotion within the company would be limited, nothing could be further from the truth. With drive and the correct attitude, you can climb the ladder.

    I talk from experience as I have now been at Mazak 7 years and have spent the 5 as a Supervisor. In this position, I now work more with the HR side of 365 Resourcing whose concern for the wellbeing of their staff is evident as they are regularly in contact for updates on their staff and quick to solve or help with any issues that arise.

  • Dave Clarke | Spindle Service Centre Manager

    I have worked closely with 365 Resourcing for around 10 years now.

    The communication has been fantastic, and any issues resolved quickly. Resourcing of replacement or additional staff has been good.

    The HR support and advice received has been very welcome at times and has definitely made the job easier.

  • Helen Wilde | Service Administrator

    I started my employment with 365 Resourcing in March 2015. I joined initially to cover Annual leave on Mazak reception for two weeks. Within the two weeks, Barry contacted me to ask if I would be interested in working within the Service Department in an Administration role, as there would be a permanent vacancy available, after discussions with Barry and the Service Manager at that time I took on the position.

    Both interviews were very professional and friendly.

    Communication from 365 has always been first class, if there are any changes to policies, all staff are sent an email and the regular Newsletters are a good way of keeping staff updated. I also think the epayslips system works very well; I have never had any issues with my pay.

    I think the addition of Charlotte to the team to give 365 staff HR support has been brilliant, she is always approachable and a real people person. She always deals with any queries efficiently and is very professional.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone to work with 365 Resourcing Ltd.

  • Stephen Hancox | Shipping Department

    The service from 365 Resourcing has been excellent. From my first day, the staff have been really friendly and happy to help and made me feel comfortable, they make you feel part of the 365 team . Nothing is too much trouble and they are easy to get in touch with regarding any questions or concerns and they always get back to you with an answer in quick time.

    HR department are always approachable and friendly and happy to point you in the right direction, on the rare occasion there may be a blip with payroll it gets sorted the same day so you are never left waiting for your wages.

    Would always recommend 365 to work for as I have nothing negative to say about the whole team.

  • Craig Moran | Modular Assembly Supervisor

    I started with 365 in September 2014 as an Assembly operative. I progressed to Team Leader in 2016 when I moved over to Mazak. I then progressed to Supervisor in January 2020. As a Supervisor of multiple departments, I liaise with 365 HR team on a daily basis. They have always been supportive of my decisions and have always helped and guided me in instances where I am not too familiar with.

    I would recommend 365 as the service they provide to myself/my team is fantastic. Any issues are resolved quickly and in a professional manner.

    Well done guys, keep up the good work!

  • Sarah Key | Service Support

    I started working with 365 Resourcing in August 2016.

    I was put at ease during my interview process and received a phone call within the hour to let me know I had been successful in getting the job in the service department at Mazak.

    Charlotte & Barry have always been very supportive throughout my time with Mazak and are always on hand if you need any help. I find the continued support reassuring.

    Any issues I have had have been resolved very quickly, 365 are always a phone call or email away which make it feel like you have someone available if needed.

    Having e-payslips makes it easy to check your pay, if there are any mistakes they are rectified quickly (although mistakes are very rare).

    It is a pleasure to work for 365 and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking employment.

  • Sonia Crosbie | Electrical Sub Assembly Supervisor

    I started with 365 on the 17th July 2017 has Electrical Assembler at Yamazaki Mazak.

    From day one all 365 staff have been very supportive and helpful, if I have had any issues with anything I know that they are there to help. Although I enjoyed being a Electrical Assembler,I wanted to better myself further, so 20 months later I am now Supervisor of Electrical Sub Assembly Department at Yamazaki Mazak and enjoying it very much.

    I hope my future with Yamazaki Mazak will be long and bright. Thank You 365.

  • Tamar Wilkins | Unit Assembly Team Leader

    I have worked at Yamazaki Mazak Worcester since March 2017. I was employed by 365 Resourcing until February 2019, when I progressed to Team Leader and have obtained a contract with Mazak. 365 have been a pleasure to work for and have always been supportive. 

    Whilst working here at Mazak I have learned so many different processes and builds, the management and team members have all been key to me getting where I am today. I have always found 365 extremely helpful and quick to respond to any issues that I may have had, whether it be personal or work related.

  • Dave Burton | IT Support Team Leader

    I worked for 365 for 4 years, and during the time I was with them the service I received from them was absolutely fantastic and very professional, from the moment I signed my 365 contract to the time when I was moved onto a Mazak contract in my current position.

    Barry was fantastic in keeping me informed with all the details when I first started and was always available when I needed to speak to him I could not have asked for any more from him and always dealt with any issues quickly and always made sure I was kept in the loop.

    365 introduced a HR Manager into Mazak which only helped them go from strength to strength. Charlotte has a great attitude to her work and you can see that she has a passion for what she does, this was shown whenever I took any queries to her they were resolved promptly.

    Other great additions to the service you receive from 365 is the monthly newsletter that informs you about everything going on within 365 and Mazak and the online pay slips that you have access to.

    I can’t thank 365 enough for the time I spent with them and the service they provided they are a fantastic company that really cares for their staff.

  • Ian Black | HR Manager at Mazak

    365 Resourcing have been our resource partner for more than 10 years and their service continues to be of an excellent standard.

    They have taken time to learn and understand our business needs and culture which has enabled them to provide us with a consistent, high calibre of candidate over the course of our partnership. 365 provide a dedicated Manager who is the main point of contact for 365 staff and who is also accessible for Mazak. This person is onsite as and when required, managing the day to day running of the contract. Also, they have dedicated a Manager to focus on any Permanent vacancies which we may have.

    365 Resourcing have introduced a number of initiatives to our business including an online appraisal system to enable Mazak Line Managers to appraise 365 staff, the installation of clocking in machines on the shop floor and online software to enable computer clock in access for office based staff. This is in addition to providing us with the administration and HR support for the employees of 365 Resourcing. (Holiday/Sickness Monitoring, Disciplinary/Grievance Procedures)

    They are always professional, honest and reliable and I would not hesitate in recommending 365 Resourcing to prospective clients and candidates alike.

  • Andrew Lewis | Service Coordinator

    I must say from the off the service I’ve received from 365 Resourcing has simply just been first class and second to none.  I very much doubt this will change.   Through initial discussions and the interview process I was never left hanging! All information was relayed clearly and discussions were always based round me as an individual, which made it easy to fully understand what was required of myself, but most importantly an understanding of my ambitions and what I wanted in my career.

    365 Resourcing have always answered my queries promptly and keen to discuss any issues I may have. This is by a point of contact I know I can speak with and go to, which this has always given me added confidence in the service.  Something which I believe needs to mentioned also and important for us all is the Payroll service and the fact this has always been on time and as agreed.  I have never thought “Am I getting paid this week?”

    I’ve never been thought of as a number, only somebody part of a great and successful team of people.

    All of the above allowed me to focus on the role of employment and my career progression. Together, we achieved this!

    Thank you 365 Resourcing…

  • Roger Molland | Servicing Engineer

    I have been working for 365 Resourcing for just over 3 years, in that time I have found them to be very informative of all aspects concerning my employment. From the onset the interview and induction process was a comfortable experience.

    I have never had any difficulties contacting the team with any issues that need addressing. Payroll information is accessible online and is very easy to use without the need for paper wage slips. Communication of useful changes to company policies is usually made by emails or postal copies which can help with keeping a paper record. Any problems are resolved promptly and with an amicable solution.

  • John Callow | UK Sales/Service Coordinator

    I have had a good service from 365 Resourcing from the first moment of contact, my interview with 365 was arranged with Mazak through 365, within an hour of my interview I was contacted by 365 and offered my position, so there was no long period of wondering.

    Communication between myself and 365 could not be easier, they are just a phone call or email away, any problems that arise are soon put right as our contact Barry Salters is either on site or easily contacted.

    On the rare occasion problems happen with wages going in to the bank 365 always makes contact and takes all steps possible to rectify the matter before it becomes a problem.

    I have been in my position with Mazak for 3 years 2 months, this would not have been possible without the help from 365, this is a company with a difference and a little bit more secure with employment than some others, I look forward to many more years in my current position.

  • Clive Pratley | Design Engineer

    I was initially introduced to 365 Resourcing after applying for a role I saw advertised locally.  The communication through the investigation and application process was first rate, both by phone and email, and an interview was promptly arranged.  This process was completely painless, with an initial discussion being undertaken by 365 Resourcing before meeting my line manager for a more traditional interview.  365 Resourcing followed up this interview immediately and provided feedback on the application as it progressed through to my starting date, including meeting on my first day in my new role to ensure that I was pointed in the right direction of the company induction process and filling me in with any final details of the 365 Resourcing policies.  Since holding this position I have found 365 Resourcing extremely easy to deal with.  Although day-to day working falls under the remit of my line manager, Barry is often on-site to answer any queries, and should something come up that requires a more urgent answer then an email is very quickly responded to.  A regular newsletter email keeps me up-to-date with any changes in policy or staff benefits.  The weekly payroll run is very efficient, with online payslips available a couple of days prior to the payment being made, giving time for any queries to be answered.  Overall, I am more than happy with the service and support provided by 365 Resourcing and would recommend them to anyone.

  • Marcin Pawelczak | Quality Control Dept

    Straight to the point:

    – Service received from 365 Resourcing – it is BRILLIANT. You have always informed me really well about everything that has happened and you were giving me enough time to prepare myself for induction etc.

    – Communication – really quick response and also you always remember people that you’ve spoken to in a past, which is really amazing because there are many people employed by 365.

    – Payroll services – e-payslips works extremely well and I have constant access to them wherever and whenever I want!

    – Resolving problems promptly – you do resolve problems immediately. I feel like I can count on your help and I feel supported. I know that 365 takes good care about wellbeing of its employees.

    – Induction/Interview process – I remember like it was yesterday! I was extremely stressed but you gave me enough information and calmed me down. You basically explained to me how should I behave to go through the interview successfully.  What can I say? Mazak and 365 have changed my life already! I am very happy and grateful.

  • Gavin Firkins | General Assembly

    When I applied through 365 and spoke to Barry it was obvious that this company was interested in placing me in the best job for my skills.

    During the interview process i was very pleased with the attention to detail and expertise of Barry at communicating the information in a relaxed and informative way.

    On receiving the job offer the process was efficient and straight forward.

    I find that communication is excellent whether it about a personnel matter or a possible payroll question; the replies are always prompt and any issues are sorted out.

    I also find the regular email newsletter a great source of information and another example of the 365 commitment to keeping you informed and up to date.

    Working with the 365 team has been a pleasure and leaves me confident I am in the best place to continue my career.

  • Colin Mann | Mechanical Design Engineer

    I have worked for Mazak as a contractor via Eng 365 for over 10 years and am currently on an indefinite contract.

    Unlike working as a self-employed contractor, Eng 365 offers the advantage of holiday and sickness pay, a pension scheme, pay-as-you-go taxation and, should it happen, redundancy pay.

    I have found the team extremely approachable and helpful and contact them by e-mail, phone or on site where they have a permanent member of their team

    In the rare instances when there have been problems, they have been sorted them out immediately.

    I feel valued and appreciated by the team as an Eng 365 employee and will continue to do so